Nate Diaz v Benson HendersonUFC lightweight Nate Diaz has never been the most cordial fellow, treating every tilt as though it’s equivalent to a scrap on the street and his opponent as an enemy out for his blood. In fact, Diaz even forced FOX censors to pull cameras a back a few times during his headlining bout with champion Benson Henderson at UFC on FOX 5 after offering up a middle-finger salute to his foe.

However, when it comes to the decision loss he suffered to Henderson in the evening’s main event, Diaz was all respect rather than critical of his adversary’s approach in the match-up.

“I got punched in the eye early in the fight and it got blurry. I waited for it to come back and then I thought I’d come back strong,” explained Diaz when asked about the loss at the post-event press conference. “Ben did great. He landed a shot early, I did what I could; my vision was blurry, I was screwed.”

“I was a soldier representing my team. I was trying to wait for the eye to recover, trying to see straight, and that’s what happens. Good fight, Ben,” concluded Diaz, making sure his claim about his blurred vision wasn’t so much an excuse for the loss but merely damage Henderson did en route to victory.

The loss snapped a three-fight winning streak for Diaz and was his first at 155 pounds in nearly three years.