UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks has heard enough regarding the likelihood of champion Georges St-Pierre setting his sights on a title-fight with Nick Diaz and has started speaking out on the matter. Hendricks is viewed by most, if not all, as the clear cut top contender after beating his last five foes including knockouts of Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann. However, personal issues between St-Pierre and Diaz have bled over into the professional realm, prompting GSP to potentially opt for the Stockton scrapper instead of the more-deserving Hendricks.

Hendricks, who is typically one of the UFC’s most reserved competitors, recently broke form and aired his grievances in an interview with Bleacher Report.

“GSP just beat the guy (Carlos Condit) who beat (Diaz). (Diaz) has been out for a year. Here I am…in that year, I fought all these guys to earn my spot. That’s what I really have been trying to do and that’s earn my way,” said Hendricks before questioning St-Pierre’s character as well as his courage.

“To see GSP say that he hates seeing people that talk trash and here he is rewarding a guy and giving him a title shot. I don’t see the logic behind that,” explained the frustrated Hendricks, also adding that he felt St-Pierre might be more interested in facing him if he hadn’t finished Fitch and Kampmann.

The 14-1 Hendricks concluded that, regardless of how he feels about the situation, he will continue doing his job and has no problem fighting a different opponent if that’s what the UFC prefers. He just won’t like it.