Anderson Silva - UFC 148Fans had an opportunity to see UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre defend his title against Carlos Condit a little more than a month ago at UFC 154 after an extended absence from the ring for health-related reasons. Now it appears it could be awhile before GSP puts his gold up for grabs again, as the 31-year old has apparently decided to put his pound-for-pound status on the line and face middleweight king Anderson Silva at some point in 2013.

Though the situation is still developing, leaving details scarce at best, St-Pierre’s chief trainer Firas Zahabi confirmed his fellow Canadian’s interest in a clash with Silva during a brief exchange with the Canadian Press.

“He told me yes. But I think there’s a lot to be negotiated. I don’t know much more than that,” said Zahabi.

As implied, a number of steps still need to be taken before a St-Pierre/Silva bout becomes reality including an agreed-upon weight. Silva’s camp has said he can dip down as low as 178 pounds, while St-Pierre’s side has stated any move up could be a permanent one and he would prefer things to take place at welterweight.

Regardless, Zahabi’s information marks the first major sign St-Pierre is leaning towards Silva rather than attempting to extend his streak of title-defenses by facing Johny Hendricks or Nick Diaz.