UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson is confident in his ability to defeat top contender Nate Diaz this Saturday night at UFC on FOX 5. However, ask him how he expects to score said victory, and the 29-year old is a bit more reserved in terms of offering up a prediction.

Henderson’s hesitancy is the result of him understanding that Diaz is an exceptionally tough draw. The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner has crisp striking, slick submissions, and a reputation for being extremely difficult to put away. In fact, Diaz has only been stopped a single time in 23 total fights with said loss taking place more than six years ago.

As such, “Bendo” simply wants a win this weekend regardless of how it unfolds.

“I’m just trying to get a W. I’m trying to get my hand raised however I can get it. He slips on a banana peel, I’ll take it. If it’s a decisive victory, I’ll take it. If it’s a closer razor thin decision, even closer than the second Frankie fight, I’ll take that too,” said Henderson in a conference call with media members (captured by MMAWeekly). “Getting a W is not easy to come by in the UFC going against the best guy literally on the planet. I’ll take it any way I can get it.”

Though Henderson would love to guarantee a stoppage against Diaz, eliminating the possibility of controversy around the outcome similar to that surrounding his Split Decision win over Frankie Edgar in August, the 17-2 title-holder isn’t naïve enough to be so bold even if he’ll obviously be gunning for a finish.

“I always fight…we all fight…to end fights and to be as decisive as possible. But sometimes when you’re fighting the best guys on the planet you just can’t make it as easy as that,” explained Henderson. “It’d be kind of offensive I think if I just said ‘Oh yeah, I’m going there, I’m going to knockout Nate Diaz, no problem.’ No, I’m not going to say that. Nate Diaz is tough. He’s darn tough. And I’m going to go out there and do my best and try to get my hand raised any way possible.”