With UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre staying tight-lipped regarding his plans for the future, fans have been left wondering what it would take to convince the Canadian champ to move up for a fight with fellow pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva. While some believe Silva’s willingness to slim down to a certain weight might convince GSP to take the bout, it was recently reported a large enough paycheck would do away with the issue altogether.

According to a story on The MMA Beat citing sources close to the situation, St-Pierre was seeking $50 million for the match-up. If true, the payday would easily be the largest in MMA history and towards the upper-echelon of the boxing scale.

However, St-Pierre has since come forward and denied the alleged demand.

“It is not true,” said St-Pierre in an interview with Canadian radio station 98.5, stating he was on vacation in France and would not comment further.

St-Pierre and Silva have been linked to a showdown for months, though GSP has implied he has his sights set on beating a handful of foes at welterweight before exploring options outside of the division he currently rules.