The camaraderie created by working alongside a fellow competitor day in and day out has caused issues in the past when teammates were asked to fight each other as a means of advancing a particular division. However, in the case of UFC light heavyweights Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson, it appears the talented 205ers would likely be open to opposing one another in the Octagon if the stars align in such a way that the match-up makes sense.

Henderson is currently considered a top contender and will aim to cement his status in February when he faces Lyoto Machida. Likewise, Sonnen maneuvered himself into a meeting with champion Jon Jones this coming April, meaning he could end up with the title around his waist if able to pull off an upset.

While neither Sonnen or Henderson have publicly commented on the matter, a fellow fighter with connections to Team Quest and friendships with both recently weighed in on the situation and provided some interesting insight.

“Yeah I think they’d fight,” said Hall of Famer Randy Couture in an interview with Cagejunkies. “They’ve wrestled each other spots on the Olympic team. They’re wrestlers at the end of the day and now they’re fighters. They’re professionals; this is what we do.”

“I think they’d be friends before, they’d be friends after but they’d go out there and compete and they know each other pretty well,” Couture continued, concluding that he he couldn’t see either pulling any punches come showtime. “It would be an interesting competition. I think they’d both put it on the line and fight when it came down to it.”

Sonnen and Henderson have been frequent training partners at Team Quest for years, and the latter is even expected to help the controversial title-challenger with his coaching duties on TUF 17.