History has shown that slimming down to make weight in a new division can be a slippery slope for Mixed Martial Artists. In many cases, doing so saps a fighter of strength and energy as a result of the grueling process involved. However, Frankie Edgar isn’t concerned about going down that path.

Edgar was always viewed as a relatively small 155er prior to his decision to dip down to featherweight, a quality that will apparently serve him well in his new weight class.

“I don’t think I have to diet for this fight,” explained Edgar in an interview with the New York Post, expressing confidence in his ability to hit the 145-pound mark without making any significant changes to his training routine. “My conditioning is always there. The week of the fight I like to be still training and worrying about the fight itself, not just the weight cut.”

Though Edgar is in the process of preparing for a February 2 clash with featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 156, his recent focus has been on helping raise money to help the countless individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy. Edgar did not personally suffer from the mega-storm other than losing power for an extended period of time but feels it’s his duty to help out the community he grew up in as a New Jersey native.

“It’s my home. It’s where I live. People I know were directly affected by it. When it hits home like that, you have to do something,” said the humble Edgar. “I grew up pretty much on the boardwalk – every summer. I bring my kids there still.”