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Stanislav Nedkov wasn’t surprised Thiago Silva failed his drug test

UFC light heavyweight Stanislav Nedkov appeared to be on his way to remaining unbeaten earlier this month in a bout with Thiago Silva at UFC on Fuel 6, as the 31-year old was up on the scorecards entering the third round of their rumble before getting taken down and submitted. Though he accepted the defeat gracefully, it turns out Nedkov had some suspicions about his adversary’s performance and saw them confirmed to an extent last week when Silva tested positive for marijuana metabolites after the outing.

“I had serious doubts whether Thiago would be clean,” revealed Nedkov in an interview with TATAME, showing an obvious lack of surprise about Silva getting popped.

Nedkov also explained he has no problem with marijuana being labeled as a performance enhancing drug despite the protests of many in the MMA community about it’s actual effects in relation to giving users a competitive edge.

“I consulted some specialists they told me that marijuana increases the adrenaline in the body, and also expands the lungs and increases the flow of oxygen muscles, which helps in the resistance. This, in addition to hiding the use of anabolic steroids, which have greater punishment than marijuana,” explained Nedkov, alluding to Silva’s history with steroids.

While the UFC’s decision to suspend Silva for six months and change the bout’s result to a No Contest were welcome punishments, the Bulgarian brawler still isn’t happy about the situation because he ultimately didn’t come away with a victory. However, he plans to use the experience to improve in certain areas, finding the silver lining around an otherwise dark cloud.

“Although he used banned substances, I learned a lesson and will not let (the same mistakes) happen again in my next fight,” said Nedkov. “This fight will make me a better fighter.”


  • Angry Mike says:

    Second offense for Silva. He got caught for PED’s when he fought Brando Vera, who got cut when he lost. I wonder how many more “strikes” he has coming.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I knew because he smoked a joint 10 to 14 days before his fight that was the only reason he beat me?

    I call bullshit. People getting busted because sometime in the last half of a month or so they smoked some weed after a hard day of training in no way is performance enhancing. Stanislav Nedkov got beat and had to come up with a reason for losing so he could say “See there?! I told you he was dirty!”

    No you lost because you were not the best fighter in the octagon that night.

    I understand other PEDs but, weed is not a PED. Smoke a big J right before fight time then tell me how your performance is enhanced. Under the current reasoning if metabolites are performance enhancing then being stoned should make you superman.

  • Lord Faust says:

    What a shock that a guy who throws punches like a juiced-up body builder would suspect his opponent used PEDs.

  • jasonah says:

    What did he say? smoking the green is a cover up for P.E.Ds? Well in thiago’s defense,no one that was sober would get a stupid tatoo like that on there neck!

  • Rece Rock says:

    “I consulted some specialists …”

    Hey Stanislav Nedkov sit the fuck down.

  • Wow….he should’ve just shut up and let this one go. I wasnt surprised Thiago popped dirty because of the fact that he has done so before, not because he looked high in the ring.
    Nedkov actually had won the first two rounds fairly handily IMO and he should’ve just shut the fuck up and said he got beat and left it at that. He’s still a young fighter in the game and between gassing and losing to a former top ten (who’s only lost his status due to his own stupidity NOT due to getting knocked down the ladder by losing) in the third round in a fight he was winning and hitting Luis Cane so hard he decided to knee the cage(one of the funniest moments in MMA ever) he has a decent start to his octagon run. He should’ve just said no comment and accepted his next fight.

    I like this guy, he’s not the best striker, but him vs Bader, Diabate, Vlady and a couple other midtier sluggers at LHW all make for exciting fights.


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