UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre isn’t opposed to the idea of seeing action against pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva at some point in the future. However, it appears his immediate focus is on taking care of business in his own division before potentially making a move up to face the larger Silva.

While the approach could ultimately cost him millions of dollars and may disappoint countless fans, not to mention his employers, St-Pierre is adamant about pursuing his own interests instead of kowtowing to the demands of others.

“I would like to fight (Silva) too, but after I fight him and win the fight, what happens next? These days, yeah, there’s a lot of money to be made, but I don’t fight for the money. My motivation is to be the best,” stated St-Pierre in an interview with French-Canadian outlet Tout Le Monde en Parle (transcribed by MMAFighting). “So yes, I want the fight, but I want to take it when I decide the time is right, not when he wants the fight to happen.”

“First and foremost, I have things to do at 170 pounds. When I am ready and when I want the fight, that’s when it will happen,” St-Pierre concluded. “I’m not scared of him. It’s just that I will take this fight when it makes sense for me. I just came back from an injury, there’s money to be made, there are fights in my weight class, other challenges out there, and if I fight him, I will have to gain weight, while he will have to lose weight, and then afterwards, I won’t be able to come back to my weight class.”

If St-Pierre sticks to his guns he will likely face Johny Hendricks at some point in the first quarter of 2013. GSP was last seen outpointing Carlos Condit in convincing fashion at UFC 154, picking up his first win since being sidelined with knee injuries since mid-2011.