UFC lightweight Nate Diaz has finished fourteen of the sixteen opponents he’s beaten thanks to his blend of high-level boxing and BJJ. However, the weapons Diaz wields in the Octagon aren’t the only concerns divisional champ Benson Henderson has been readying himself for while training for their December 8 bout at UFC on FOX 5.

“We’re definitely trying to prepare for his physical tools – his long reach and his boxing style that he has. But the biggest thing I’ve a hard time with so far, to be honest, is…we’ve been having my teammates talk a little bit of trash inside the Octagon and have me stay calm, not be worked up,” admitted Henderson in a recent interview with Inside MMA. “And I actually have a hard time with that. Someone talks trash to me, I want to talk trash back. I get emotional…so I’ve been working on staying calm and collected, still do my technique and not fall into his game. But I’ve gotta do a little more work on that.”

“Hopefully we’ll get that taken care of and come fight night I won’t let any of that trash-talking get into my head and affect my game,” he concluded.

Diaz is notorious for spewing smack mid-scrap, baiting opponents to make mistakes by diminishing their focus on the task at hand. With that aspect of his attack already on Henderson’s mind, it sounds as though “Bendo” should be as prepared for Diaz’s verbal jabs as his literal ones.

The complete conversation with Henderson can be seen below: