It didn’t seem as though there was any bad blood between Canadian lightweights Sam Stout and John Makdessi going into their match-up at UFC 154. However, that apparently won’t be the case if the two ever tussle again.

Makdessi recently implied Stout may have taken a shady route leading up to the tilt by having two friends serve as spies at TriStar MMA where “The Bull” trains. According to Makdessi, Chris Horodecki and Chad Laprise happened to be putting in work at the gym during the same period he was there preparing for Stout and were “eyeballing” him.

Word of the allegation got back to Stout who made it clear both competitors were in attendance at the invitation of TriStar guru Firas Zahabi, not as a means of providing him with inside information.

“They didn’t tell me anything,” stated Stout in an interview with, saying the only insight he had on Makdessi came from watching tapes of past performances.

Stout, who lost by Unanimous Decision, also took Makdessi to task for making the accusation despite exiting the bout with a victory.

“I think it’s a petty thing to say after you’ve already won. I don’t think it’s very sportsmanlike to say something like that,” said Stout, admitting he didn’t disagree with the judges’ scorecards even though he wasn’t necessarily a fan of Makdessi’s approach in the fight. “I’ve watched it – he outpointed me. But I would have respected him a lot more if he had gone out there and fought with me, as opposed to running and moving away and out-pointing me with jabs.”