UFC bantamweight Nick Denis has decided to hang his gloves up out of fears for his long-term health. The 29-year old made his announcement in a blog post where he explained he still has the physical ability to keep competing but ran into concerns earlier this year while preparing for a match-up earlier this year.

“In the last couple years, and especially in the last few months leading up to my May 5 fight, while sparring I would notice that when I got hit, it would affect me more and more,” explained Denis. “When I first started sparring I would run through punches unaffected. Not only that, but now training at TriStar, I am literally training with the world’s best. We are all training at the highest level, all for the same reasons. Could I fight in the UFC, against the best fighters in our solar system, literally trained killers, without sparring in training? Not really, so what was I to do? I have made the decision to retire.”

“I am a human being, and I was born with only one brain, and I want to take care of it so that I will recognize the ones I love when I get older,” he concluded.

Denis compiled an overall record of 11-3 in MMA with all of his wins involving some form of finish. He was 1-1 inside the Octagon including a memorable elbow-oriented knockout of Joseph Sandoval last January.