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Alessio Sakara’s camp crying foul over disqualification at UFC 154

Fans tuning in to the preliminary portion of UFC 154 this past weekend caught one of the most confusing in-ring sequences in recent memory when middleweight Alessio Sakara was seemingly awarded a knockout win after flattening foe Patrick Cote with a number of strikes to the back of his head. After the ensuing chaos settled down, Cote ended up having his hand raised with Sakara being disqualified for the illegal punches.

Though referee Dan Miragliotta later said he’d warned Sakara multiple times during the series of punches/elbows putting Cote down for the count, the 31-year old’s manager says that was not the case at all and plans on appealing the Quebec Athletic Commission’s decision.

“In the heat of the moment, some of those blows did land to the back of the head, they were unintentional, and at no point was Alessio provided a warning. The action should have been stopped, Alessio should have been placed off to the side, and Patrick should have been given a chance to collect himself if those were in fact illegal blows,” explained Lex McMahon of Alchemist MMA in a conversation with MMAWeekly. “Dan didn’t do any of that.”

In addition to seeking the result’s change from a disqualification loss to either a win, as originally deemed, or a No Contest based on the inadvertent nature of the strikes, McMahon also said he will seek a rematch between the two heavy-handed 185ers at a neutral site (possibly England in February). UFC 154 took place in Montreal, Cote’s hometown.

Though not officially announced, the UFC is expected to hold an event overseas on February 16. McMahon’s comments mark the first time the city of London has been attached to the lineup.


  • darth_irritable says:

    Wow. This may be the least defensible protest in human history, since Cheick Kongo vs Anyone.

    Total douche move if they go ahead with this.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i agree to a point, it should have been a no contest, i hate someone getting a win/loss from a situation like that. Dan should have stopped him early and warned him, let Patrick recover and fight on. shame cos it was a great scrap while it lasted

  • drstu says:

    “Yeah, I totally hit him with illegal blows, it’s the refs fault.” Sakara is supposed to be a professional fighter? To say a warning should have been given, you know the rules buddy, it’s not everybody else’s fault you can’t follow them.
    Paul Daley- “was that wrong? Should I not have done that?”


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