Seasoned Strikeforce veteran Pat Healy has been anxiously awaiting a crack at lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez for months, initially seeing a September shot at the strap go down the drain when “El Nino” suffered a shoulder injury in training. Healy then thought he was back on track for a match-up with Melendez in mid-January, though now news has surfaced stating the fight is once again on hold due to the divisional king’s health.

Healy was recently asked for his opinion on the situation by where he did his best to stay positive, saying, “I just hope that the fight still goes on. Nothing has been confirmed at this point.”

While Healy may not know what his immediate future holds, it seems likely Melendez will indeed withdraw as expected based on comments from UFC President Dana White and trainer Cesar Gracie. If that comes to pass, chances are a replacement will be found. Though “Bam Bam” doesn’t have a preference regarding who he might meet instead of Melendez, if given the choice, it sounds like the 29-year old would be willing to sit out the event completely in case the much maligned promotion folds.

“I’d rather fight in the UFC,” Healy half-joked.