The UFC Primetime series has offered an intriguing look at the lives of a number of high-level fighters during the final few weeks before a headlining tilt. The most recent match-up put under the show’s microscope involved this weekend’s UFC 154 main event between Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit.

During the three-part feature, Condit was shown to have brought in widely respected BJJ practitioner Caio Terra into his camp to assist with training. While Condit’s decision to do so made absolute sense, Terra’s acceptance of the invitation did not sit well with longtime associate Cesar Gracie.

Terra had been linked to Gracie’s gym for the past five years where it served as his launching point in America after a ton of success on the mat in Brazil. However, it doesn’t look like he’ll be showing up there anytime soon unless seeking an extremely cold reception.

“Caio Terra is no longer affiliated with our academy,” wrote Gracie on Twitter this weekend to a number of his notable students including Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, and Nick Diaz.

He elaborated on his stance in a follow-up message on Facebook, posting, “We all saw that someone from our team got a camera and a few bucks put in their face and decided to show his true colors and stab his team mates in the back. No worries, that person is gone for good and I can’t be happier. That person would also be wise not to show his sissy little face around here again.”

Gracie’s issue with Terra’s presence alongside Condit stems from a February fight between the “Natural Born Killer” and Diaz. The bout was closely contested but saw Condit win a decision, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of Gracie who took issue with Condit’s somewhat safe, point-oriented approach to winning.