Last week, UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva came forward to say he planned to take a year off from fighting to focus on personal projects outside of the Octagon, opening the door for a ton of speculation on what his true intentions were. Many felt the decision might be a way for the Brazilian to posture himself for a go at Georges St-Pierre, putting his divisional duties aside while giving him a chance to slim down for a catch-weight clash with the 170 pounder.

Those suspicions were given substance this weekend when Silva was asked if he would be willing to fight sooner than previously stated if GSP was involved, confirming it was a possibility depending on the situation.

“I need time for training. I need time to talk to my coach, talk to my doctor…I need time for preparation for this fight,” said Silva of a May match-up with St-Pierre in a conversation with Fuel TV, before adding the ever-ambiguous tag of, “Maybe.”

UFC President Dana White recently mentioned May as a potential date for a dance between MMA’s top two pound-for-pound competitors.

Making it clear the #1 name on the list of opponents he’d like to face was indeed St-Pierre’s, Silva stated, “Yeah, this is my plan, but it’s not my decision. I work for the UFC.”

“This is not my decision, not Georges St-Pierre’s decision. This is Dana’s decision,” he continued. “This is the big show, the big fight…the fans of the UFC will love it.”

St-Pierre has yet to show the same passion for the pairing as Silva, hinting his interest is in staying at welterweight and continuing to defend his divisional belt rather than bulk up for a bout with “The Spider”.

The full interview with Silva can be seen below: