There are a ton of people, including UFC President Dana White, interested in seeing Georges St-Pierre face Anderson Silva at some point in 2013 if GSP successfully defends his welterweight title against Carlos Condit this evening at UFC 154. However, contender Johny Hendricks isn’t amongst the group.

The 13-1 Hendricks, who faces Martin Kampmann on tonight’s card, has been clawing his way towards a title-shot for the past few years and is concerned about seeing his dream deferred. While Hendricks knows it’s not a matter worth losing sleep over unless he defeats Kampmann and St-Pierre does the same in his respective rumble, the bearded brawler recently made it clear he is opposed to St-Pierre going on hiatus in order to bulk up for a showdown with Silva.

“I want to see if I can beat him. I don’t want to wait another six months to see him fight Anderson,” stated Hendricks in an interview with MMAWeekly. “What if he goes out there and loses? If he goes out there and loses, all of a sudden he’s coming back off a loss and you get to fight a champion that just lost. I want to beat GSP.”

While Hendricks may be looking out for himself on the surface, he also explained the thought of St-Pierre vs. Silva would actually be appealing if the division wasn’t so stacked at the moment, showing appreciation for his peers’ potential claims as well.

“If this were two years ago with the same top five guys, go up there and see if you can beat Anderson, but not when there’s a new wave of fighters,” said Hendricks, pleading on behalf of other challengers in a similar position to his.

A win over Kampmann should solidify Hendricks’ standing as the #1 threat to the welterweight belt. The 28-year old has won four straight fights including recent victories over former title-contenders Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck.