It’s difficult to imagine a Mixed Martial Artist as skilled as Georges St-Pierre is afraid of anything. The 22-2 UFC champion has beaten a number of notable peers and is considered to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet. However, GSP recently admitted he deals with the same anxieties as everyone else including those related to job performance.

St-Pierre elaborated on his mindset in the final episode of UFC Primetime where he explained he plans to use the emotion to his advantage when he fights Carlos Condit tonight at UFC 154.

“I’m scared. I’m terrified – I’m scared of failure in everything. I’m always scared no matter who I’m fighting. I’ve always been scared. Every fight has been a big fight,” said St-Pierre on the matter. “But as much as I’m scared, Saturday I’m gonna make that walk to the Octagon and I’m gonna fight like my life depended on it.”

“When there is a lot of pressure, it pumps me up. That’s when I’m at my best,” he concluded.

The complete episode of UFC Primetime can be viewed below: