Headliners Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit aren’t the only high-level welterweights taking to the Octagon this weekend at UFC 154, as the card also features a fight between Martin Kampmann-Johny Hendricks. The bout is viewed by most as a clash for top contendership considering the success both men have found over the past year, though the UFC hasn’t gone so far as to confirm its status as such.

While the 20-5 Kampmann certainly has designs on a divisional belt, the polished Dane hasn’t given much thought to what will happen beyond Saturday night when he faces Hendricks. Rather, his attention is squarely set on his adversary and the things he can actually control.

“It’s only really a problem after I beat Johny Hendricks and that is what I’m focused on. After that I can start worry about the other stuff because I’m not looking past him,” said Kampmann in an interview with Bleacher Report. “Of course I’m planning on winning, but let me knock out Johny Hendricks, and then I’ll start worry about what comes next.”

“There are a lot of things going into this whole situation. People are talking about (St-Pierre) fighting Anderson Silva,” added Kampann, providing further evidence the only thing truly in his hands relates to the ability to possibly defeat Hendricks.

And, though Kampmann understands wins over Hendricks aren’t easy to come by, the notable finisher is certain he has what it takes to put the power-punching wrestler down.

“I feel confident in my skills. I feel confident in my wrestling, stand-up, and my ground game. You can match me up with anyone and I feel great about it,” offered Kampman of his skill-set. “Johny’s a great wrestler but it doesn’t phase me. I have good takedown defense. If he does take me down, I’m going to get back to my feet. I also have plenty of submissions up my sleeve so I’m sure the fight is going to turn out in my favor.”