There has been a ton of talk surrounding a super-fight between pound-for-pound studs Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre over the past few months leading up to GSP’s fight this weekend with Carlos Condit. If St-Pierre defeats Condit, the UFC appears poised to push hard for a showdown with Silva with Dana White even going so far as to announce a potential date for the pairing.

However, Condit isn’t out to be a stepping stone at UFC 154 and has designs of his own when the cage door closes.

“I love Anderson Silva. Anderson’s gonna watch ME fight? That’s awesome,” said Condit in an interview with MMAFighting when asked about Silva being in attendance for his fight with St-Pierre. “But I’m gonna spoil the party. I’m gonna mess with the plans.”

If Condit gets by St-Pierre, as he obviously expects to, he admitted he’s open to the idea of taking his counterpart’s spot and battling the Brazilian.

“I would like to fight Anderson. He’s one of the best in the world,” explained Condit, adding, “But there’s also a long line of welterweight contenders lined up to fight me.”

In fact, one of those potential challengers is likely to emerge at UFC 154 in a bout between Johny Hendricks-Martin Kampmann. As such, with matters out of his control, the “Natural Born Killer” is simply focused on doing his best to beat St-Pierre and laying claim to the welterweight championship.

“I just need to go out there and put on a good fight – fight to the best of my ability. In my last fight I think I exhibited some really good skills, a great gameplan. Some people liked it, some people didn’t. I come in to entertain, yes, but also to win the fight,” concluded Condit.