UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has had an opportunity over the past few months to test out exactly how strong his surgically repaired knee is by running it through a range of exercises aimed specifically at making sure his ACL is 100% in addition to enduring the regular rigors of training. However, he won’t know exactly how stable it is until locking horns with Carlos Condit this weekend at UFC 154.

Not only will the bout mark St-Pierre’s first real fight since recovering from the injury that’s kept him out of action since 2011 but, as Condit recently revealed, “The Natural Born Killer” will be extremely mindful of his adversary’s condition.

“If somebody’s in the cage…you can’t say ‘Oh wait, that’s off limits.’ There are no time outs, there are no substitutions, and there’s no saying my knee is off limits. This is a full contact sport,” explained the 28-5 Condit on UFC Tonight when asked about going after St-Pierre’s bum leg, adding that he wasn’t necessarily going to target it more often than he might in a different situation but had no plans to hold back in any area.

“This fight is something I have been working towards for 10…12…15 years, since I first started competing – not even competing but just training in mixed martial arts. This is a dream of mine. To fight Georges St-Pierre is his hometown for the undisputed belt…it’s surreal and an opportunity of a lifetime,” continued Condit on the stakes involved.

Condit also stated he ultimately hoped all the hard work he’d put in over his career would pay off in a finish of St-Pierre, though the 28-year old stopped short of predicting round or method.

Check out the complete interview with Condit below: