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Anderson Silva: “I am on vacation from fighting.”

Since signing with the UFC, middleweight champion Anderson Silva has put his skills on display at least twice a year. However, that pattern looks to change in 2013, as the 37-year old legend recently revealed he wants to take a break from Mixed Martial Arts in order to put his energy into other efforts and doesn’t expect to be back in the Octagon for awhile.

“I am on vacation from fighting. I think I will return only in the end of the next year,” said Silva in an interview with SporTV. “I have personal projects ongoing. Tomorrow I’m embarking to Los Angeles to attend the arrangements of the academy we’re setting up there.”

“I think this is the time for me to let my life (get) in order. Being always worried and working makes me set my personal life aside. Now I want to work on that aspect,” he continued.

Silva also explained his decision to step back from the spotlight has nothing to do with retirement, as the pound-for-pound great still has his sights set on an eventual showdown with Georges St-Pierre. He just wants some time off to enjoy life outside of the ring.

“My focus is on my personal projects and on the fight versus Georges St-Pierre. If the UFC wants to make an interim bout while I am away, it is up to them. I don’t know if it will have any meaning but they can do whatever they want,” said the self-assured Silva. “I am in a comfort zone, so I am not concerned about it.”

The Brazilian icon’s apparent approach to the next year of his life is sure to throw the UFC’s middleweight division into a state of disarray, as a handful of contendership-determining clashes are already scheduled to take place in the coming months including Tim Boetsch-Chris Weidman, Alan Belcher-Yushin Okami, and Michael Bisping-Vitor Belfort.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Willingly take a yr off before fighting again? I’m thinking he’s getting ready for being done.

  • I doubt that this will happen this way, but we’ll see. I hope not, I donit want to see Silva take any more time off than necessary.

  • MickeyC says:

    Keep runnin old man. I think he knows as well as anybody that if he were to fight the people he should, Bisbing, wiedman and then a super fight with GSP or JJ his odds of loosing at least once are huge. Looks like if a contender wants a shot these days they have to put on a sonnen show to get it. Sad. But if he only plans on fighting once in.2013 & its not going to be with the number 1 contender he should not keep the belt. How can he justify locking up the weight class for over a year. Cuz if he fights at the end of 2013 with GSP, win or loose it will be at least spring of 2014 before he gives anybody a title shot. it will have been a year and a half since he defended his belt.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m curious how Dana will react to this news, if he will assure everyone that he can convince Silva otherwise, or if he will say that he’s earned a rest being the best fighter, blah blah stuff.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Oh come on. He will fight before that cause Uncle Dana will pay him to fight before that. Thats all that this is. Show me the money. He has been doing this forever. Someone will call him out but this time just like MickeyC says it. Pull a Sonnen gather some intrest, Anderson pretend he dosent care, then Uncle Dana will pay him to care. Why not?? It worked for Jones!!

  • Lord Faust says:

    Anderson’s just trolling us. He also said he doesn’t call people out, even though he’s basically been calling GSP out for over a year.

  • MickeyC says:

    If he wants GSP so bad, he should push NOW. say he and George meetin say 4 months maybe have the winners of bisbing/vitor & wiedman/Bosh fight on the same card. Anderson could fight the winner of that at the end of 2013.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Maybe he wants another easy money card saver fight. Whose ready to retire next year?

  • Dachman says:

    I see this as a good way of avoiding Jones. With Jones talk of moving to HW it puts more distance between the two. I just think Silva knows Sonnen can hold him down how much worse would it be with Jones.

  • Dufresne says:

    A few years ago he was talking about retiring so he could go fight Roy Jones Jr. and look how that turned out. I think he’s just dissatisfied by the competition in his division and he knows the most marketable fight left is with GSP, and I don’t see that fight coming together to be honest. Assuming GSP does beat Condit, I see GSP turning down the superfight and staying at WW since he’s got a bunch of new contenders nipping at his heels.

    But who knows, if he’s offered enough money, anything is possible.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    This is simply more posturing for Silva. He’s been saying the same thing (in slightly different ways) for several months now… 1) Not interested in fighting any of the current MW contenders; 2) Wants to fight GSP.

    And GSP has been consistent in saying if he ever fights at MW it’ll be a permanent switch (with catch-weight not an option he’s interested in), while also saying over & over that if he makes that move it’ll be a methodical approach to alter his diet & training in order to properly transform his body. I seriously doubt that now is the time he’ll decide to go that route, after not having defended his WW belt for 18+ months, with another #1 challenger to be waiting after Saturday night, and the fight he’s really wanted (Diaz) as a looming option for 2013. It just doesn’t make any sense, no matter how much Silva or DW rambles on about it.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    You’re right Richard, which makes me think Dana doesn’t listen to anything GSP has been saying on the topic, since he’s still saying he wants it to happen in Dallas. And he almost guarantee’s that it’ll happen after the GSP/Condit fight in every other interview

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Dana probably doesn’t pay much attention to what GSP says, cuz it seems he has a hard enough time keeping track of the words coming out of his own damn mouth.

    It was only a month ago he was telling us stuff like “I think Anderson’s one of those guys that loves challenges and I think he will take the Jones fight … if you don’t think I want to see Jones vs. Silva, you’re crazy.”

    OK, great.

    But next thing you know it’s more important to give the sagging TUF ratings a boost by forcing Chael into a title fight that will tie up Jones for a while. By the time Jones fights Sonnen and the obvious #1 contender that emerges from the Machida/Hendo matchup, it pushes a potential Jones-Silva superfight back to 2014.

    So you’ll notice that almost right after Dana got done telling us we’re crazy for douting his desire/efforts in making the Jones-Silva fight happen, he switches gears and goes right back to rambling on about Silva fighting GSP instead.

    And going back to the Sonnen-Silva fight for a moment…

    When the idea of Nick Diaz fighting Silva came up, Dana was quick to tell us how stupid it was. And considering Diaz is coming off a loss in a title fight, and would be moving up to a division he hasn’t won a fight in the UFC, I certainly wouldn’t argue with Dana there. Except that as soon as the UFC’s reality show was in need of ratings, they go ahead and book a fighter coming off a loss in a title fight, to move up to challenge for the belt in a dvision he hasn’t won a fight. Sure, why not.

    The truth is Dana is a promoter and on any given day will say whatever the hell plays best for the UFC’s bottom line. Everything else becomes secondary, even if it lacks logic or contradicts something that came out of his own fat mouth a short time earlier. Sure it’s interesting to read and speculate about, but it’s become increasingly difficult to give any real credence to what Dana when topics like this come up.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Silva says alot of things that are trivial… I believe this is his way of sending lil messages to the UFC about sweetening the pot before he signs for another fight.

    In related news, he said he isn’t calling out GSP… BUT I really would liek to see GSP dominate Condit then turn around and request a fight with Silva… not disrespectfully but more in a I’m up for the challenge kind of way. I know GSP has a laundry list of guys waiting to fight him BUT there is no bigger pay day or spotlight then getting in the cage with Silva…

    And Hey Hughes thinks GSP can beat Silva… lol.

  • joe mo mma says:

    Maybe that’s why the UFC made that freak show fight with Bonnar. UFC knew Silva was trying to take a break so they plugged him into a Brazil show last minute. Silva has done so much for the UFC, I feel like its hard for them to say no to his demands.

    This whole talk about Silva vs. GSP has gotten stale. After JJ proved that he is the shit at 205, that is the fight that they should be trying to build up. (Especially since AS has tested himself at LHW) I think 5oz. should take a poll.. which fight the fans would rather see..

    1. Silva vs. GSP
    2. Silva vs. Bones

    For me, Silva vs. Bones peaks way more interest than the former.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I think you’re 1/2 right, Joe. Silva stepped up to help save UFC 151 but the show was cancelled before they spoke to him. I think they realised that Anderson only fights when his soothsayer reads the right omens in chicken entrails and jumped at the chance to take him up on his offer.


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