Since signing with the UFC, middleweight champion Anderson Silva has put his skills on display at least twice a year. However, that pattern looks to change in 2013, as the 37-year old legend recently revealed he wants to take a break from Mixed Martial Arts in order to put his energy into other efforts and doesn’t expect to be back in the Octagon for awhile.

“I am on vacation from fighting. I think I will return only in the end of the next year,” said Silva in an interview with SporTV. “I have personal projects ongoing. Tomorrow I’m embarking to Los Angeles to attend the arrangements of the academy we’re setting up there.”

“I think this is the time for me to let my life (get) in order. Being always worried and working makes me set my personal life aside. Now I want to work on that aspect,” he continued.

Silva also explained his decision to step back from the spotlight has nothing to do with retirement, as the pound-for-pound great still has his sights set on an eventual showdown with Georges St-Pierre. He just wants some time off to enjoy life outside of the ring.

“My focus is on my personal projects and on the fight versus Georges St-Pierre. If the UFC wants to make an interim bout while I am away, it is up to them. I don’t know if it will have any meaning but they can do whatever they want,” said the self-assured Silva. “I am in a comfort zone, so I am not concerned about it.”

The Brazilian icon’s apparent approach to the next year of his life is sure to throw the UFC’s middleweight division into a state of disarray, as a handful of contendership-determining clashes are already scheduled to take place in the coming months including Tim Boetsch-Chris Weidman, Alan Belcher-Yushin Okami, and Michael Bisping-Vitor Belfort.