Next weekend, UFC welterweight Carlos Condit will look to remove the “interim” label from the belt around his waist by beating linear title-holder Georges St-Pierre in headlining action at UFC 154. The fight will be his first in nine months based on Condit’s willingness to sacrifice a check or two by waiting in order to lock horns with perhaps the greatest 170 pounder to ever grace the Octagon.

Though some fighters in Condit’s position might be feeling a good deal of anxiety leading up to the bout given the stakes, not to mention the match-up taking place in Montreal, the “Natural Born Killer” has had the opposite reaction to the situation, shrugging off any proverbial weight the pairing could create.

“My whole career I’ve been the underdog and it’s a position that I love. I have nothing to lose. I think all the pressure is on Georges – he’s making his comeback, he’s in his hometown,” explained Condit on the latest episode of UFC Primetime. “I just get to go out there and have fun….do what I do, exhibit the skills and the hard work that I’ve been putting in for the last year.”

While Condit’s definition of “fun” might be different than the average individual’s, that doesn’t mean the 28-year old is expecting an easy outing on November 17 or approaching St-Pierre lightly.

“The guy is one of the smartest guys that’s ever fought in the sport. That’s what makes him so dangerous,” said Condit of his former training partner. “Georges and I are cordial with each other, but November 17, when that cage door closes, all niceties go out the window. We’re gonna get in there like savages and try to take each other out.”

A full version of UFC Primetime Episode 2 can be viewed below: