Top shelf fighters typically have a schedule they’re used to and rarely break from it unless absolutely necessary. Call it superstition or proven science, but repetition tends to deliver the same results when it comes to MMA. UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald is no different in that regard, though recently the 13-1 Canadian received an unexpected visit early one morning from a VADA official that caught him off-guard.

MacDonald and UFC on FOX 5 opponent B.J. Penn both agreed to additional drug testing in hopes of setting a precedent for other fighters to do the same, and, as the 23-year old confirmed, they’re now in the midst of dealing with it.

“It already started. My first test was last week. I can’t remember which day, but I just got a random knock on the door and they did the test. So it’s from here to the fight,” said MacDonald in an interview with Fuel TV. “It’s pretty annoying. I don’t like getting woken up in the morning, and it threw my routine off. I didn’t expect it. I kind of forgot about it to tell you the truth. So it was a bit annoying that day, but if it only happens a couple of times, a few times, it is what it is. I can deal with it.”

“Ares” has strung together a trio of consecutive wins since losing to Carlos Condit, a bout he essentially had won until a late mistake resulted in a TKO finish with less than ten seconds left. He also holds past victories over Mike Pyle and Nate Diaz, relying on VADA to further prove a fighter can excel in the cage without the use of PEDs.

MacDonald’s meeting with Penn is scheduled for December 8.

Check out the complete interview with MacDonald below: