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Daniel Cormier making final Strikeforce appearance against Dion Staring

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

After months of hype surrounding unbeaten heavyweight Daniel Cormier’s last fight under the Strikeforce banner it appears he organization has booked him against relative unknown Dion Staring. Cormier was originally set to face Frank Mir on November 3 before the show was cancelled due to a string of injuries to the main card competitors including Mir.

According to MMAJunkie, Cormier will see action against Staring on January 12 before joining the UFC’s roster. Other fights attached to the event include Nate Marquardt-Tarec Saffiedine and Luke Rockhold-Lorenz Larkin.

The 10-0 Cormier has emerged as one of the division’s top talents after picking up consecutive wins over Jeff Monson, Antonio Silva, and Josh Barnett in his previous three pairings. Seven of his instances of success have involved some form of stoppage.

Holding an overall record of 28-7, Staring has emerged victorious in nine of his last ten bouts including six straight. While he’s done well on the regional scene, the match-up with Cormier will mark his Strikeforce debut.


  • MCM says:

    Fine by me. As long as Cormier finishes out that stupid SF contract and comes over to the UFC, I don’t care who he has to beat up to do it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Cormier to face a can!!!!!
    SF really profited from ZUFFAs purchase. Just like Pride did.
    We as fans did too. Just look at how many amazing fights Diaz, Overeem, Cormier, Fedor, Melendez, Daily, Bazruhada, Thompson, Barnett, Jacare, Kharitonov, Rockhold and others have been involved in since.
    Nobody could have predicted what a great success it would be.
    Thanks ZUFFA. Oh great work on the match making too, UFC ppv cards are really great now.

    SF is dead and so is 5 oz.

  • darth_irritable says:

    MMA – think about it this way. ZUFFA’s launched a campaign to grind Strikeforce so far into irrelevance that Showtime will dump them, and we get the fights we really want…

  • MCM says:

    MMAWeekly and MMAfighting are reporting that this will be the last SF card before they mercifully close up shop. I hope they go out with a bang and put all their title holders (minus Rhonda) on this card. If they do, Bam Bam will come over to the UFC with Strikeforce gold around his waist. 😉

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Yeah just like after Pride when
    Little Nog
    and others all went to the UFC after Prides end.

    How many times are people gonna swallow Dana Whites BS.
    He said he was the one who got MMA sanctioned first. A lie.
    He said Pride would keep going. A lie.
    He said SF would keep going. A lie.
    He said Fedor sux. Now he says he was one of the greatest HWs ever.
    He said boxing doesnt give fans the fights they want but the UFC does. A lie becuz if the fighters dont want to fight each other, are friends, respect each other, are not UFC exclusive, are inconveniant for the UFC or piss Dana White off, THE FIGHTS DONT HAPPEN.

    I will believe this MMA utopia that many have claimed is coming (for the last 15 years) when I see it. Unless Dana says it becuz I dont believe a fucking word that lying sack of shit says.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    M1 are too difficult to negotiate with…unless you are
    Combat Sambo
    Inoki Bom ba ye
    Fight for Japan.

    ZUFFA are really easy to negotiate with, just ask……….nobody becuz they negotiate with NOBODY!!!!!!

    Im sure it was M1s fault though.

  • raker says:

    The UFC is the big leagues. I’m tired of these great fighters being tied up within these irrelevant organizations. I wanna see the best fight the best and right now that can only happen under the UFC banner. If Showtime gets their greasy little paws off of Strikeforce, maybe it can become a minor league, developmental league, showcasing in smaller venues. The UFC needs control though. Just a thought.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    SF before ZUFA purchase.
    Dream co pro
    M1 co-pro
    Bellator co-pro in works
    Prolly the the best HW GP ever held.
    Hendo, Fedor, Overeem, Diaz, Rockhold, Melendez and the fastest most promising MMA org in the world.

    SF after ZUFFA purchase.

    Are we better off as fans? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no! Not yet anyway. Will we be? We should be but time will tell. As always with the UFC, I have my doubts and for a really good reason.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Raker the UFC has control!
    Thats why Fedor and M1 are gone.
    Daily is gone.
    Babalu is gone.
    Dream co-pro gone.
    Jardine came back.
    Hendo, Diaz, Bazruhda, Mayhem, Overeem, Big Foot, Werdum and Others were removed.

    Seriously, do you think that was SHOWTIMES decision?!!! The UFC (ZUFFA) bought SF and destroyed it as much as they could and are now only doing what is required to honor their contract with Showtime.

  • raker says:

    Strategic moves by UFC. Why isn’t Melendez over? Get rid of Showtime by driving the company into the ground.

  • Sumoninja says:

    I don’t get the uproar about Strikeforce/Pride/any other promotion not UFC being driven into the ground by them. Get everyone decent under one banner and give me not only good fights but a good production. I’ll stab myself to death if I ever watch another Megadeth concert in between fights with sh!tty camerawork and commentary like some of the other promos. (Although I’d love to have Bas comment on UFC fights)
    Call me crazy, but I don’t want the 15 different belts and organizations like boxing has. Give me one promo with most of the best fighters in the world and I’m happy. I won’t b!tch at the few fights that don’t happen because somebody good just happens to have screwed up and affiliated themselves with a sub-par promotion. It’s good for the fighters too – health insurance and a chance to promote yourself through the organization that gives you the most exposure. UFC, keep buying and assimilating!


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