In less than two weeks a moment more than a year in the making will take place when UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre takes to the Octagon after a series of knee injuries. GSP has been shelved since April 2011, returning in grand fashion as a headliner in his hometown of Montreal at UFC 154 where he’ll face talented interim title-holder Carlos Condit.

Before the two clash in the cage, St-Pierre and Condit will mix it up with media this afternoon in a conference call. Also on the line will be UFC President Dana White.

As usual, Five Ounces of Pain will be dialed in and reporting real time highlights/quotes back to our readers as things unfold.

Georges St-Pierre:

– “I don’t care about Anderson Silva. He can do whatever he wants.”
– Taking career one fight at a time
– Reiterates that he’s out to be more opportunistic, jump on openings
– Still interested in fighting Nick Diaz at some point but he’s thinking about Condit, nothing else
– Says he wasn’t burned out but he just wasn’t enjoying fighting as much as he used to, but now his fire is back / “Now, Idon’t want to go on vacation. I want to enjoy every second of it.”

Carlos Condit:

– Feels like an underdog
– Doesn’t think GSP’s extended absence will be an issue and expects him to be as good or better than he was before
– Would like to be part of a UFC card in Mexico
– Motivated by the number of people overlooking him and towards a super-fight with Silva (though he doesn’t feel GSP is among them)
– Thinks a fight between GSP-Silva would definitely be interesting / “There’s always that interest in seeing who really is the best, but first things first – Georges and I have to do our thing.”
– “I’m gonna be the undisputed champion.”

Dana White:

– Calls GSP the “biggest PPV star in the UFC”
– Labels Condit as being underrated and deserving more credit / “He’s got great ground skills, knockout power…”
– “This is far from an easy fight for Georges St-Pierre. This is a very tough fight.”
– Says having GSP out for a year sucked
– Not looking at doing Condit vs. Silva / “Carlos Condit wins the title and he’ll defend it against whoever is next.”
– Isn’t sure where Diaz will fit in when he’s eventually licensed again
– Sees three options as venues for St-Pierre/Silva – Cowboys Stadium, in Toronto, and a soccer stadium in Brazil