For the past nine months UFC welterweight Carlos Condit has dealt with a constant stream of questions about UFC 154 opponent Georges St-Pierre. Prior to that, Condit’s name was also linked to GSP’s as a result of replacing Nick Diaz in an October 2011 bout against the beloved welterweight champion that never ultimately materialized.

With more than a year of eating, drinking, and breathing St-Pierre, Condit is less than two weeks away from finally getting his hands on “Rush”. The 28-year old was recently asked about his anxiety to see talk turn into action where he confirmed his itch to fight was becoming unbearable.

“I’m hungrier. I’m the one that’s been chomping at the bit to get this thing on. I haven’t fought competitively since February,” said Condit at a press conference promoting the event. “I’m just ready to go, man. A lot of stuff has happened between last October and now. To finally get a chance to fight Georges, I feel great.”

The Las Vegas Sun was on hand at the festivities and able to transcribe things.

Likely factoring into the 28-5 Condit’s desire to duke it out with someone, the “Natural Born Killer” has only fought twice in the past two years with a decision win over Diaz and TKO against Dong Hyun Kim. Prior to that, Condit had set foot in the cage at least twice a year since 2003.