With less than two weeks to go before UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre makes his long-awaited return to the ring the 31-year old fan-favorite is immersed in the final stages of preparing for the fight. Set to face interim title-holder Carlos Condit at UFC 154, as always, St-Pierre has been a constant presence at TriStar MMA where he’s worked diligently with his regular team in hopes of reminding the world why he’s considered one of MMA’s all-time talents come showtime on November 17.

While the grind may have been fairly monotonous, St-Pierre had a chance to mix things up this week thanks to an outside training partner the gym brought in – Dan Hardy.

Hardy, who challenged GSP for the belt in 2010, has helped St-Pierre before in the past and has some unique insight on Condit as a former opponent of the challenger’s. He’s also an excellent striker with a number of wins inside the Octagon as well.

“He’s a special guest this week to spar with Georges,” explained head coach Firas Zahabi when asked about Hardy’s presence during a recent Fuel TV feature offering a live look at TriStar. “When he was fighting Condit, it was neck-and-neck. Yes, he got stopped by Condit, but I think it was one inch away from being the other way around. It was very close — extremely close fight — and I think he’s a very good look for us to see what it’s going to like when Georges fights Condit.”

“The Outlaw” faced Condit in his follow-up fight after the loss to St-Pierre, suffering a first round knockout after each man threw a stiff shot at the same time and Condit’s reached Hardy’s jaw a split-second faster. Since then he’s gone 2-2 including a back-to-back wins in his most recent rumbles.