A flood of opinions have been unleashed since last week’s news surrounding Stephan Bonnar and Dave Herman testing positive for banned substances relating to their bouts last month at UFC 153. Now, some of their fellow fighters are starting to speak out about the situation, and the reactions are actually less critical than some might expect.

In a feature from Fight Hub TV, UFC light heavyweight Quinton Jackson shrugged off Bonnar’s hit for steroids, stating he was more shocked by the fact the UFC revealed the fan-favorite’s status than the actual infraction itself.

“I’m not surprised. He tested positive before…so I’m not surprised,” explained Jackson. “But Stephan Bonnar is the UFC’s golden boy so he can do whatever he wants. I’m surprised they even let that news get out.”

“Rampage” also admitted he felt Herman’s suspension for marijuana use was unnecessary, confessing he had no problem with fighters who smoke pot and doesn’t see there being a need to punish them.

Meanwhile, former Bellator lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez remained neutral on the matter, making it clear he had no interest in doing drugs himself but wasn’t the kind of person who points fingers at those who do.

“I don’t condone steroids (but) I don’t hate on anyone that does them. I’m an athlete and I understand the pressure that fighters have to deal with. I’m not gonna judge anyone for doing steroids,” said Alvarez.

“It runs rampant in this sport and it sucks that it does,” the frustrated free agent added in conclusion, though still refusing to lay blame at any individual’s feet.

Other people to weigh in in the conversation with Fight Hub included UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, kickboxer Tyrone Spong, and manager Ed Soares.