UFC welterweight Carlos Condit will look to remove the interim tag from the title he currently wears around his waist in a few weeks when he faces linear champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154. However, it sounds like GSP may have already done that for him, as “Rush” recently admitted he views Condit as the legitimate divisional king after having been shelved for more than a year with a knee injury.

St-Pierre will enter the Octagon with that attitude on November 17, adding that the adversity he’s overcome since tearing his ACL has altered his perception to the point he feels more dangerous now than he ever has in the past.

“I was confident the best Georges St-Pierre was behind me. I was starting all over again,” admitted St-Pierre on UFC Primetime. “I was getting beat up in the gym by guys not even near my level and I could see through their eyes, they were looking at me like, ‘Man, this guy is never going to comeback the same.’”

“At one point I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I’m not going to be able to come back. Because I don’t want to come back and get a beating. If I come back it’s because I’m ready for a title-shot,’” he continued. “I had the phone in my hand…I was gonna call Dana White and say, ‘Listen, man, I’m not ready for it.’”

Now, having climbed his way back up out of the depths of doubt, St-Pierre has a new appreciation for his career and life in general.

“It’s never good to get injured but I truly believe this is gonna make me come back better and stronger than I was before,” explained St-Pierre. “I lost that fire. This whole thing helped me get that fire back.”

Check out the first episode of UFC Primetime below: