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Jon Jones expects to move up to heavyweight before the end of next year

If a match-up between champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones ever materializes it will have to come sooner than later, as it appears the latter is planning to move up from 205 pounds to compete as a heavyweight within the next year. And, considering Jones’ next title-defense isn’t scheduled until late April, that doesn’t leave him with a lot of time to entertain the notion of a super-fight with Silva.

Jones confirmed his intent to beef up in a recent MetroPCS chat with fans where he stated, “I’ll definitely move up to heavyweight. But it’ll probably be around 2013. Maybe at the end of 2013.”

The 25-year old added that he’s currently cutting about twenty pounds to make the light heavyweight limit.

“Right now I have a nutritionist and I’m starting to take the career a lot more seriously than I used to, so my weight cuts are getting a lot easier,” added Jones.

However, from the sound of it, Jones’ days of shedding weight are limited as he looks to further his claim as one of the greatest fighters Mixed Martial Arts has ever seen. While some might doubt his ability to compete against larger adversaries, for the record, heavyweight king Junior dos Santos is the same height as “Bones” and only weighed in at 239 pounds for his successful title-defense against Frank Mir earlier this year.


  • moosebaby02 says:

    I wont believe anything this kid says until i see it

  • MCM says:

    I figured he would make the move eventually, but 2013 seems a little too soon. There’s still 4 or 5 fights left for him at 205, Sonnen (unfortunately), Hendo, Gustafsson, Glover, and potentially Davis, Jimmo, Manuwa, or Cormier (although they could fight at HW too.)
    Jones is a huge LHW, but he’s no bigger than Bonnar, Kingsbu, Forrest or Gustafsson and they all make 205 no problem. If he runs through his next three opponents as easily as he did his last one, then he should probably move up just for more of a challenge, but I don’t think he necessarily has too.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I call bullshit. I dont think can take cain, jds, or overreem. Lesner would probobly.take him out.knowing the ufc if he does fight at hw they will over hype it and have him fight someone like shuab or a lower hw like they have sylva fight bonnar instead of a high profile lhw.

  • Creature says:

    I think he gets picked apart and wrestlefucked by Cain, and get KTFO bad against Reem and JDS. Hell i even think Carwin would beat him. I doubt he goes to HW anytime in the next 3-4 years, id even be surprised to see him go up at all before he retires honestly


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