UFC middleweight-turned-205er Chael Sonnen hasn’t taken much time out of his schedule to address criticism about the crack at Jon Jones’ championship he received despite his lack of divisional success. Rather than based on his performance inside the Octagon, Sonnen’s title-shot came as the result of calling Jones out after stepping up on short notice for a September match-up that ultimately never materialized. Needless to say, his fast-tracking to the top spot didn’t sit well with other competitors who felt they were in line for the opportunity.

However, Sonnen recently participated in an online chat with fans through MetroPCS where he made it clear he had no plans to apologize for his willingness to face the best MMA has to offer.

“I keep hearing that I talked my way into a fight, and guys, it’s true. But the word that I used was ‘yes’. When the chance came and they said, ‘Do you want to fight?’ I said yes,” explained Sonnen (credit to MMAFighting for the transcription).

“Contrary to what it may look like on TV, he is pretty darn good, and there’s not a lot of guys who want to fight him. And contrary to what the oddsmakers may say, (I’m) pretty good, too, and there’s not a lot of guys who want to fight me,” Sonnen continued on how the clash came together. “A lot of guys complain that I got the fight with Jon. But not one of those guys said, ‘Hey, I want to fight Jon.’ Not one of them. And a lot of those guys complain that Jon’s fighting me and we’re going to be the biggest fight in UFC history, and you’re stealing 2013 early. Guys, you didn’t call me out. You want to complain that I’m fighting him, but you didn’t want to fight me to get to him.”

Jones and Sonnen will both serve as coaches on the Ultimate Fighter 17 before fighting late April. Taping for the show started this week with a debut date in January.