Though it hasn’t surfaced on the Ultimate Fighter 16, UFC heavyweights Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin are far from fans of each other and let the world know so on multiple occasions. However, while Carwin may not appreciate Nelson’s attitude outside of the Octagon, the hard-hitting veteran has a different opinion about his rival’s in-ring prowess.

“Roy and I might be completely different, polar opposites in our personalities and things, but he’s a talented fighter,” explained Carwin in a recent interview with Inside MMA. “If he would get some coaches and actually listen to people he’d be even that much better.”

While Carwin might respect Nelson’s skill-set, the latter statement makes it clear he still has a problem with how “Big Country” approaches MMA. The personal issues between the two have provided extra fuel for Carwin in training camp who is as motivated as he’s ever been for a bout.

“I’m excited to be able to fight him. There’s been a lot of animosity between us and I can’t wait to punch him in the face,” admitted Carwin.

Carwin was also asked about his health after reports surfaced surrounding a knee injury he suffered in the gym. The 37-year old acknowledged the situation is far from ideal, referring to “partially torn ligaments and tendons” but expressed faith in his coaches’ ability to get him back to 100% before he faces Nelson on December 15 at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

Check out the complete interview with Carwin below: