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Wanderlei Silva no longer interested in middleweight match-ups

It looks like Wanderlei Silva is ready to return to the division he made a name for himself in, opting to beef back up and battle as a 205-pounder instead of continue to strain his body by cutting down to middleweight. Silva’s most recent scrap came at 190 pounds and, apparently, even that was tough on Silva though he looked fairly sharp in the decision loss to Rich Franklin.

“I want to either fight a catchweight bout at 198 pounds (93 kg) or at light heavyweight. At middleweight, I’m very hungry,” Silva joked in an interview with Sherdog. “Right now, I’m doing weight training and some shadow boxing. I’m kind of on vacation now, paying attention to the family, but next year ‘Wand’ is back.”

Silva added he was open to fighting anyone the UFC put in front of him, clearly concerned with entertaining fans at this stage of his career rather than pad his stats by stringing together easy wins. “The Axe Murderer” is only 3-5 since bringing his skills to the Octagon five years ago, scoring wins over Keith Jardine, Michael Bisping, and Cung Le.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    he doesnt need to fight contender fights, doesnt need to fight the guys who will put his lights out.
    super fights against Sonnen, Bonnar, Forrest, Little Nog (that would be fucking awesome), Vitor (tho i think the lights would go out), prolly more i’m forgetting. will always support & watch regardless


    How about Wand against Bader for starters-I say that based strongly on the fact that Wand is extremely hard to hold down- and if he wins that one-book the heavily awaited Vitor rematch

  • raker says:

    That’s good! He looked way too drawn out and thin at MW. Belfort too. I hope they both stay at LHW.


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