There’s no question UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva wants to see action against fellow pound-for-pound stud Georges St-Pierre at some point in the immediate future. “The Spider” has been very vocal with his interest, going so far as to hold off on accepting a title-defense in hopes St-Pierre is successful at UFC 154 and open to packing on a few pounds.

It also appears Silva is indeed okay with fighting GSP at a catch-weight instead of requiring the fan-favorite to move all the way up to 185.

“People argue back and forth (about) who the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world is. Some people say it’s Anderson, some people say it’s Georges St-Pierre. So I think the way to settle would be, I don’t know, do a catch weight at 177 1/2, right down the middle, and see what happens,” revealed Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, in an interview with Inside MMA. “I think it’ll be a fight that the fans want to see and it’ll be a great fight.”

St-Pierre has previously said he wouldn’t be willing to fight at middleweight unless the move was permanent based on the effect it would have on his physique. Likewise, he’s also expressed hesitation about even going halfway up, wondering if it was worth the trouble in comparison to going all the way.

Even if St-Pierre doesn’t work out as an opponent for Silva, Soares feels there are a number of options for the beloved Brazilian out there providing the type of “big fight” atmosphere the 37-year old is focused on at this stage in his storied career.

“Who knows what’s next? After that…maybe….a possibility it could be (Jon Jones) or maybe even Michael Bisping,” said Soares, concluding, “There are so many fighters out there that could potentially be big fights.”

Check out the conversation with Soares below: