Strikeforce bantamweight Miesha Tate has grown up surrounded by men in the competitive sense from her formative years on, wrestling in high school as the only female member of the squad and transitioning to MMA shortly thereafter despite her gender’s relative lack of representation in the sport. That upbringing, in addition to a recent situation involving her boyfriend Bryan Caraway and Ronda Rousey, have given Tate a world of experience when it comes to forming an opinion on physical violence between the genders. And, in her view, there is no reason a man should be punished for hitting a woman in defense.

“When a woman steps up to a man she should be treated as an equal, no discrimination,” explained Tate on Twitter. “I think if she slaps you, you should be able to slap her back 100%. It’s dumb to say a woman can but a man can’t.”

Tate’s take on the subject came as the result of a fan questioning her about a past comment Caraway made in response to a challenge from Rousey, an outspoken 135-pound champion scheduled to face Tate in a title-defense. In essence, Caraway explained he would knock her teeth out and break her arm if the two of them were to ever really fight.

“I hate double standards. I’ve worked all my life to break away from double standards. They work both ways for men and women,” Tate continued. “Think about it. Why can women act out in violence & let their tempers fly? Why is it okay for a woman to hit?”

“I would never fight a man. That’s my point. I would never challenge a man ever because it’s idiotic,” the 26-year old elaborated. “My point is society needs to stop double standards that it’s okay for a woman to challenge/hit a man & he can do or say NOTHING.”

“It goes against nature for a woman to challenge a man physically period! In the wild if a lioness challenged a lion he’d eat her,” she concluded.

Career-wise, Tate has decided to take an extended break to recharge herself for another run at Rousey’s belt. The 13-3 “Cupcake” was last seen submitting Julie Kedzie in an action-packed affair this past August.