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Stephan Bonnar: “I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Even though he may have entered UFC 153 as an overwhelming underdog, light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar stepped into the Octagon against pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva with the mindset of a man who was about to shock the world and emerge with his hand raised. Obviously, things did not go according to plan with Silva showing off his speed and skill-set in a sequence of events resulting in an opening round TKO.

While Silva may have done a bit of showboating and ultimately stopped Bonnar with the single significant strike he threw, “The American Psycho” still has his head held high when looking back at the bout.

“I’m definitely happy. I’m so thankful they gave me that fight. I’m apologetic that I didn’t do better but whatever. I’ve got to get over that. But I’m happy. I have nothing to be ashamed of,” explained Bonnar in an interview with The MMA Hour.

“Losing sucks and it’s hard to swallow,” he admitted before making sure to maintain perspective in terms of the big picture. “I went in there with Anderson and followed my game plan and did what I had to do. That’s MMA. One little mistake, one little opening is all it takes. With a guy like Anderson Silva, that’s all he needs.”

Of the opening Silva took advantage of, Bonnar said he was shocked by how quickly the end came and gave “The Spider” his due for being perhaps the best fighter the sport has ever seen.

“I’ve never been kneed like that. I couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t move. I was just crippled, waiting for my body to be able to get some air. It felt like an eternity and the ref stepped it. When I saw the fight, I was like, ‘Whoa, that was pretty quick.’ It felt like I was trying to breathe longer than that,” said the impressed Bonnar. “The way he placed that knee and timed it, the little trip and push, the whole setup and transition, yeah, there’s a part of me that is in awe of him.”

Bonnar didn’t elaborate much on what his plans were for the future, simply saying he “wasn’t in a position” to demand anything from his employers after the opportunity he received last weekend. However, he certainly didn’t say he was retired either.

The loss to Silva snapped a three-fight winning streak for Bonnar and dropped his overall record to 15-8. The defeat also marked the first time the 35-year old had been finished by way of strikes/submission.


  • Screenplaya says:

    I agree that Bonnar has nothing to be ashamed of. I believe he was totally incapacitated by that strike. It looked a lot like the way boxers (or MMA fighters) go down from a liver shot. For example, I don’t judge Oscar De La Hoya for leading in a fight against Bernard Hopkins, only to collapse to a liver shot. That dude was crippled. Oscar didn’t get up until long after the count was done.

    Bonnar went in, tried hard, got his reset button pushed, and they appropriately stopped the fight. This one, to me, doesn’t belong with the Forrest Griffin failure against Silva. There needed to be a little shame there.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I agree. He showed up to fight, gave it his best and tried to land a shot. Not his fault he isn’t in the same league as Silva. props to Bonner for having the balls to take the fight on short notice.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yes but who do we think would win in a fight between Silva and Jones?

  • Lord Faust says:

    Bonnar went out on his sword, no shame there.

    I think Silva beats Jones decisively. He’s just an all-around better fighter (keeping in mind we’re talking two top-tier elites), and has really good fight IQ.


    Silva by complete clowning-Jones still has doubts about himself(judging by the look on his face after the first round of Machida fight)

  • sides666 says:

    i too feel bonnar gave it his best and there is no shame in that at all. anderson silva would in my humble opinion dismantle and destroy jones he would stand in front of him fearlessly and pick him apart. jones has alot of talent but andersons striking is decades above any other fighter in the octagon and continuing to get better things slow down when he is in there. he is truely a master of the martial arts not just an mma fighter.

  • Shit happens. Maia and leites have something to be ashamed of, Stefan went in there and tried to win, not to survive. That takes guts.
    Silva would get Jones at some point. Jones might take a round or two but Silva is a better striker than Machida and a better submission artist than Vitor.


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