The last time the Nevada Athletic Commission required “out of competition” samples from heavyweights it was leading up to UFC 146 with the results sending the main event into a tailspin after Alistair Overeem tested positive for a grossly elevated T:E ratio brought on by testosterone use and had his license put on hold by the regulatory board. The latest example of the commission’s actions came this week when the NAC has informed heavyweights Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson they will also have to provide similar samples per conditions of their license to face off at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

In a discussion with Five Ounces of Pain, CEO of Ingrained Media Jason Genet (also Carwin’s manager) said the process is quite simple and assured fans they have nothing to worry about on the hard-hitting heavyweight’s end.

“They call and they are very professional. They call the athlete unless there is an agent on record and they say they are invoking their right to random testing. They tell the fighter, ‘We need you to report to one of these clinics by a certain time frame’ You agree to this when you sign to be licensed in Nevada and Shane has no problems testing.”

Genet said the policy is the type of thing that needs to be done in order to clean up the sport of MMA, explaining, “It is smart to do, because unlike other sports, if there is doping it is not sophisticated. So by testing randomly they increase the ability to catch cheats.”

Genet didn’t know offhand what the commission requested from Carwin but it doesn’t matter.

“Blood, urine, he can grow some hair – anything they want they can test,” he stated.

The timing of the request may seem odd to some on the surface after the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association mistakenly released a statement saying Carwin and Nelson both agreed to additional testing. Ultimately, it turned out neither Carwin or his camp were ever approached about doing so. VADA quickly deleted the press release from their site and said it was an error on their part. Shortly thereafter, Genet publicly stated he didn’t trust VADA and wouldn’t agree to anything that he didn’t have information about.

“We are open to ANY testing that is not overseen by VADA,” reiterated Genet. “Anytime and any lab, just not VADA.”

As it turns out, Carwin might as well be tested by an outside source, with Genet adding, “Shane also has to give the NAC blood work this week to get approved to fight at over the age of 35. So they have that and now this random test.”

Nelson has made a lot of comments about PED’s leading up to this fight, but Genet has a question for “Big Country.

“What happens when Nelson has the random testing, and Shane comes back clean,” Genet asked. “Will he still want the fight?”

The bout is set for December 15 in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and will be broadcast on FX. Carwin and Nelson can be seen coaching on TUF 16  every Friday night at 10:00 PM EST on FX.

NAC Director Keith Kizer declined to comment on the additional test.