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Stephan Bonnar makes statement regarding loss to Anderson Silva

For the better part of his headlining tilt with Anderson Silva at UFC 153, light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar seemed to be in a perfect position to punish “The Spider” with strikes or opt to clinch with him against the cage. However, despite the appearance of control, it quickly became clear Bonnar was not actually running the show. Rather, Silva was merely messing with him until flipping on a switch with thirty seconds to go in the opening round, scoring a stoppage shortly after a single significant strike left the Ultimate Fighter icon curled up on the canvas.

Little has been heard from Bonnar since the embarrassing loss, though last night he decided to update fans on his condition via Twitter where “The American Psycho” was both appreciative and apologetic.

“Thanks to everyone for the support. I’m so sorry I lost. I feel so bad for letting my fans down, but I promise to make it up to you,” wrote Bonnar, seemingly implying he will fight at least one more time before retiring from the sport for good.

Bonnar also explained the sequence of events spelling his doom in the duel, stating, “Not injured, just caught with a perfect knee to the solar plexus and it paralyzed me. (I) was just getting movement back when fight was stopped.”

The defeat snapped a three-fight winning streak for Bonnar and was the first time in his 23 in-ring appearances he’d been stopped with strikes by an opponent.


  • MCM says:

    I wish people would stop calling for Bonnars retirement. The guy said he was retired only because he wasn’t getting the big fights. He was ridding a 3 fight win streak before taking on the best MMA fighter of all time and he’s the only man in the UFC to take a round from Jon Jones. I think Stephan has at least 4-5 good fights left in him and I, for one, would love to see them happen. Thiago Silva, Matt Hamill, Vinny Magalhaes, and a coaching stint opposite Forrest are all fights I would like to see.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I want to see the coaching stint against Forrest too, sadly I don’t think the UFC will do it because they want drama between coaches, and there won’t be any. They need to realize that a humorous TUF will probably do better and shake things up.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Were people actually calling for his retirement though? Seems like that stuff was driven by Bonnar, talking about how he’d gotten to a point in his career where he wanted big fights, and if those options weren’t available he’d retire rather than become the stepping stone for the next wave of up-and-comers.

    Well, the problem for Bonnar is he’s not good enough for “big” fights and his name recognition & overall status in the sport only stretches so far. He got that huge opportunity this past weekend, and good for him… he worked hard during his career, contributed a lot to the UFC both in & out of the octagon, so it was nice to see him get to participate in a blockbuster fight.

    But now it’s back to reality. Outside of milking another Forrest-Bonnar matchup, there’s just not much left for him. He’s absolutely capable of continuing to fight, and watching him bang it out against the other mid-tier guys is always a good addition to any card. But that’s not what he’s after (and I can’t blame him, given the physical toll combined with the fact he has other career options), so it doesn’t leave many options for him to continue to fight.

  • MCM says:

    I’m seeing it on a lot of websites that people (journalists and commentars) are saying his next move should be retirement. I don’t know where his mind is at this point, I just don’t get the public out cry for his retirement. I, for one, wish he would continue.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    certainly didnt look like a guy who was bordering on retirement in that fight. i’ll watch him fight anyone.
    give him Glover

  • moosebaby02 says:

    He looked like he was in great shape. Probely the best I have seen him in a while? 3 fight winning streak snapped aginst the best fighter in the world on short notice (and yes we all knew he was going to lose) is more then enough reason for me for him to get a big name fight. Question is who is big name enough that its going to sell but not be too big of a name where it dosent make any sense of a fight??

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Bonner is a tough dude and there are bigger name fights out there that might be more competitive. Rua would be a good fight and a bigger name. Someone mentioned Thiago Silva, which would also be a good scrap.

    Give him a name and let him headline a fuel TV or FX card to give him exposure but, not have to carry a PPV.

    I think taking the Silva fight would give some leverage to get the TUF coaching gig opposite Forrest.

    I know TUF coaches are supposed to have drama but, Bonner and Griffin are both smart, funny guys and I know their presence would liven up what can be a bit of a boring show. They could even create some staged drama to goof off for the cameras. Just don’t see how a season could be boring with them coaching.


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