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Anderson Silva remorseful about behavior in Demian Maia match-up

In April 2010, UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva entered the Octagon against Demian Maia on the heels of destroying Forrest Griffin at 205 pounds and was predicted to make quick work of his opponent. However, while Silva certainly could have put Maia away at any number of times, “The Spider” opted to play with Maia for the bulk of the bout instead of go in for the kill. The decision to do so drew a ton of criticism from fans and even angered UFC President Dana White to the point of threatening to release Silva in the event of any similar showings in the future.

Looking back on the matter, it appears the pound-for-pound great learned his lesson and to this day has no problem with any negativity associated with the unprofessional performance.

“I think that was the only time in my life I had a misconduct,” explained Silva in an interview with TATAME. “We must always be changing with these attitudes. It’s a sport children, older people and younger [people] attend. For that we can earn respect and more fans, have to have that awareness.”

Since the match-up with Maia, Silva has finished all five of the opponents he’s faced including four by way of strikes. His most recent dismantling of an adversary came last night at UFC 153 where he smashed Stephan Bonnar with essentially a single strike in the opening round of their headlining tilt.


  • darth_irritable says:

    Good to see him man up and take responsibility.

    Can’t blame him for being frustrated, given the talent disparity.

    Can blame him for the unprofessionalism. It really was a different display then Bonnar, which seemed to be about putting on a show v. humiliating the guy on the other end of his fist.

    Man, I love to watch Silva fight. I’m a GSP nuthugger, but I think that’s a fight he loses 7 times out of 10.

  • cool, now we just need Maia’s apology for wasting a title opportunity and not trying to beat Anderson

  • Screenplaya says:

    I am a huge GSP fan and think he would actually beat Silva, but knowing that one strike could and would end things, I am losing confidence in that outcome.

    But…who cares? Does anyone want to see GSP/Silva now? After this weekend, I can’t imagine anyone wanting anything other than a Silva verson Jones superfight. And it could happen at 205, for the title, and Jones would be the underdog.

    I think the fans can and will make this happen. I think the vast majority of fans would predict Silva defeating Jones at this point. I think as more fans make it known, Jones will react. When he does, he will jam his foot in his mouth. When that happens, Silva can take offense. Boom. Fight of the decade.


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