The battle between teams on TUF 16 started out to be a hotly contested one but has since changed course thanks to not only the efforts of Team Carwin’s competitors but the difference in coaching as well. Last night’s episode served as evidence to both factors after Igor Araujo improved his squad’s mark to 3-1 by outpointing Team Nelson’s Nic Herron-Webb (albeit controversially).

Prior to the pairing, a number of the members from Roy Nelson‘s group complained about the pace of their practices, longing for two-a-days rather than the single sessions he’d been employing. Nelson’s response was simply to say they had a pool at the Ultimate Fighter house and could utilize it for cardio if necessary.

Also on the show, Team Nelson’s Julian Lane flipped out on cast-mate Matt Secor, letting his emotional state get the best of him after having lost on the previous episode. The incident began when Secor questioned his intelligence for choosing a Bristol Marunde as an opponent, then farted and waved the smell in Lane’s direction. Lane, who was shown to have issues with Secor earlier in the season, reacted by challenging Secor to a fight and even went so far as to grab his legs and pull him off a counter-top he’d been sitting on. The two never came to blows, however, and teammates were able to separate them to calm the situation down.

Back to the episode’s in ring action, the rumble’s opening round featured pure dominance from Araujo who took Herron-Webb down and proceeded to advance into a mounted position where he rained down strikes. Herron-Webb overcame the adversity with his survival proving to pay off after putting it on Araujo in the second stanza. While Araujo was able to return fire to an extent, the difference in output seemed to indicate a third round would come into play. However, the judges ultimately ruled it a Majority Decision for Araujo with UFC President Dana White later stating it was one of the worst robberies he’d seen.

“I wish I would have been more aggressive and fought harder. After my fight it felt like the team moral dropped because all of the guys on my team thought it was my fight to win and take back control for our team, so it sucked,” said a deflated Herron-Webb after the bout’s conclusion.