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DaMarques Johnson blames himself for recent release, not the UFC

When news surfaced earlier this week revealing welterweight DaMarques Johnson had been cut by the UFC it upset a number of folks based on “Darkness” having stepped up on short notice to face Gunnar Nelson at UFC on Fuel 5 in addition him coming off a brutal knockout loss a little more than a month prior to the pairing. However, regardless of how some people felt about the matter, Johnson wasn’t among the individuals taking issue with the organization’s handling of things.

“Honestly, it really was my fault for accepting a fight on seven days notice and thinking I could lose 30 pounds, actually it came out to 35 pounds, and I only lost 27. That’s my bad,” admitted Johnson in an interview with MMAFighting, explaining he wasn’t overly surprised about his failure to make weight before the bout with Nelson given the situation. “But no excuses. 1) I should have won the fight. 2) I shouldn’t have taken the fight if I wasn’t sure if I could do it. My own arrogance thinking that I could make the weight (got the best of me).”

“I’m not mad at the UFC,” Johnson continued. “It sucks, yes, (but) at the end of the day, it falls on me. It was my decision. I didn’t make weight. I’ll make the adjustments and hopefully find myself back in the UFC.”

The 15-12 Johnson also added he is aiming to fight again in December or January where he hopes to get back on track and work his way back up to another shot at success inside the Octagon.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva also weighed in on the matter in a separate interview with the site, offering up frank assessment of the promotion’s rationale in releasing the former Ultimate Fighter finalist.

“Johnson told me he could make the weight. He’s not doing me a favor if he missed weight because I could have gotten someone else who would have made the weight,” said Silva. “I never pressure anyone to take late notice fights. I got a bunch of guys who want to fight. If one says no, I will find someone else. No problem.”


  • Lord Faust says:

    “I don’t blame him. He only hits me when I do something wrong.”

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I like Johnson’s attitude about the whole thing. He bit off more than he could chew, but I can understand & appreciate his overzealous approach in taking on the challenge, with the opportunity to earn another paycheck which every bottom/mid level fighter needs.

    And from his comments, it sounds like the UFC offered him the fight (“it really was my fault for accepting a fight on 7 days’ notice”). The UFC pooped the bed on this one. Either Joe Silva is full of shit and they had no other decent options, or they did have other options but still chose to go with Johnson on the heels of a KO loss, knowing he could not make 170. Either way, sloppy work yet again by the UFC but at least this time around it was a prelim fight with lesser implications.

    As far as the decision to cut him, Johnson did need to go. His UFC performance simply hasn’t been up to par and although the UFC didn’t help matters in this latest fiasco, some of the blame has to fall on Johnson for missing weight that badly and yet another loss. To his credit, he’s owning that part and hopefully can get his career back on track elsewhere.

  • MCM says:

    @Lord Faust



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