UFC President Dana White takes great pride in his dedication to the grind his job requires and for good reason. The outspoken executive is constantly working on furthering his brand’s reach, bringing in new talent, and dealing with the day-to-day minutia brought on by a business with no off-season. He rarely misses a show, let alone a press conference or media appearance.

However, as amazing as his durability has been over the past decade, it turns out White is indeed human. The 43-year old recently revealed he suffers from Meniere’s Disease, a condition affecting an individual’s inner ear that can cause vertigo and even hearing loss. While White has done his best to manage the matter without surgical intervention, it now appears he’s at the end of non-invasive therapy and will indeed undergo an operation to hopefully clear his affliction up.

White confirmed the news earlier today on his Twitter account, saying he was set to have surgery when he gets back from UFC 153 in Brazil.

It is unknown how long White will be out recovering or if he will miss any UFC functions as a result. Depending on how severe his Meniere’s Disease is, going under the knife could result in some hearing loss given the area affected by the condition.

After this weekend’s event the UFC does not have another show planned until November 10 in Macau, China.