With odds as low as -1200, most gambling books aren’t giving Stephan Bonnar much of a chance in his upcoming fight with pound-for-pound king and middleweight champion Anderson Silva. People have accused Silva of looking past opponents before, but Silva is saying that isn’t the case when it comes to his UFC 153 fight in Brazil.

“I am training hard, because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Silva told MMAFighting of his bout with Bonnar, showing he hasn’t considered his foe an automatic win no matter what the numbers might say.

What he is certain of, however, is his enjoyment of being able to eat all the foods he couldn’t while he was training for a middleweight. Still, even if there isn’t a title involved this time around, the fight isn’t any less meaningful to him than it would be if there were.

“This fight against Stephan Bonnar is very important to me. He has a great great great story in the UFC. A lot of guys have fought Stephan Bonnar. Some are saying this is (an easy) win, but Bonnar is the best. He has good stand up and good jiu jitsu. I have a lot of problems Saturday,” said the smiling Silva.

The renowned Brazilian stepped into the fight when UFC 153 needed a main event, even going so far as to call UFC President Dana White to take the match-up.  Silva said he was offered a few different names, but he told the UFC it didn’t matter, explaining, “Dana talked to me about the fight and said ‘Hey, you fight this guy or this guy,’ but I said it didn’t matter who. I said who ever. I am ready, and I am ready to fight.”

One opponent who didn’t come up, though is still on Silva’s radar, is welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. When asked about a fight with GSP, the champ offered a sly grin and said, “Yes, this is my focus. I have two or three fights at 185. Maybe I fight GSP in a different weight class, I don’t know.”

Regardless of his desire to battle St-Pierre, Silva isn’t taking his eyes off of what’s in front of him, concluding, “Right now Stephan Bonnar is my focus. Saturday we are going to have two big guys in the Octagon in a big fight. ”