UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones came closer to defeat last month at UFC 152 than he ever had before in his career. The near-finish came when opponent Vitor Belfort locked Jones up in an Armbar, extending fully and forcing Jones to grit out the pain until finding a way out of the hold. The sequence left little doubt about Jones’ desire or toughness.

Unfortunately, even a few weeks removed from the rumble, the timetable for Jones’ return to the ring remains far from certain.

An update on Jones’ health was offered this week on UFC Tonight where it was revealed that “Bones” would be heading to Los Angeles in the near future to get another opinion on the condition of his elbow. Belfort’s attempted submission was initially said to have only caused a strain, though in light of recent news it seems things could be more problematic than originally thought after his first round of tests was labeled as “incomplete”.

No word was mentioned regarding what issues Jones is still experiencing with the damaged limb or when he will be healthy enough to start training again.