UFC middleweight Mark Munoz may currently be doing press for his upcoming role in the new MMA movie Here Comes The Boom, but he is also recovering from a nagging elbow injury he has been nursing for months and a broken foot he suffered in his bout with Chris Weidman. The injuries are going to keep him on the shelf until next year and, even if everything goes perfectly, he will be 35 years old when his next fight takes place.

With a brutal knockout loss in the rear-view mirror and his creep towards the age most pundits see as the cut-off point for a fighter’s success, the 12-3 Munoz isn’t listening to most analysts and still has a lot of confidence in his ability to perform.

“Despite what anybody might think or say, I see myself as a number one contender. I see myself becoming a world champ. It’s not going to change my destination. I might have a little detour, but it’s not going to change my destination for sure,” explained Munoz in an interview with MMAFightCorner, saying his focus is as sharp as its ever been.

Munoz understands he won’t be stepping back into the Octagon for the right to fight for a title right away, but he definitely wants an elite adversary even if its the very man who flattened him earlier this year.

“I’d like to have a rematch with Weidman, I’d like to fight Michael Bisping. There’s a lot of guys out there. The fact of the matter is, I want a fight that’d get me back on track to becoming a world champ,” said Munoz.

“I definitely want to redeem myself on my last performance and show people that I’m a man that learns from his mistakes,” continued Munoz, referring to his stumble against Weidman and the ease in which his foe notched the victory. “And for me, champions aren’t measured by how many wins they have, but how they pick themselves after a loss. That’s the true meaning of a champion and that’s what I want to show.”