If Jason Miller was hoping to clear up any confusion surrounding his actions a few months back in relation to an arrest for vandalizing a church (in the nude no less), the 31-year old failed miserably to do so this week after being given an opportunity to explain his side of the story in an interview. In fact, “Mayhem” raised more questions about his mental/physical health after taking the opportunity to show up as the character he plays in the upcoming movie Here Comes the Boom, delivering a series of profane rants before messing with the set and storming off in a furor.

“Look, I had about enough of this. Are you f*ckin done? Are you gonna f*ckin talk about Here Comes the Boom that comes out on October 12? Yo bro, I’m f*ckin sick of it. You guys have your f*ckin stupid f*ckin radio show in your mom’s basement,” said Miller on The MMA Hour when host Ariel Helwani attempted to get him to drop the schtick, again responding angrily after being referred to by his nickname a few times. “STOP CALLING ME MAYHEM!!!”

Miller also referred to Helwani as a “Jew” and “whore” during the strange sit-down.

After the conversation in question, a shell-shocked Helwani did his best to calm things down but ultimately had to call an end to things when Miller left the studio. He then took a short break and returned where he explained the fighter’s actions “were interesting, and also a little bit frightening, and a little bit sad.”

Miller – or even character “Lucky” Patrick for that matter – have yet to publicly respond regarding the situation. He is expected to face a judge next month to address his legal situation in California where he could face up to a year in jail if convicted.