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Jason Miller makes news again for strange antics

If Jason Miller was hoping to clear up any confusion surrounding his actions a few months back in relation to an arrest for vandalizing a church (in the nude no less), the 31-year old failed miserably to do so this week after being given an opportunity to explain his side of the story in an interview. In fact, “Mayhem” raised more questions about his mental/physical health after taking the opportunity to show up as the character he plays in the upcoming movie Here Comes the Boom, delivering a series of profane rants before messing with the set and storming off in a furor.

“Look, I had about enough of this. Are you f*ckin done? Are you gonna f*ckin talk about Here Comes the Boom that comes out on October 12? Yo bro, I’m f*ckin sick of it. You guys have your f*ckin stupid f*ckin radio show in your mom’s basement,” said Miller on The MMA Hour when host Ariel Helwani attempted to get him to drop the schtick, again responding angrily after being referred to by his nickname a few times. “STOP CALLING ME MAYHEM!!!”

Miller also referred to Helwani as a “Jew” and “whore” during the strange sit-down.

After the conversation in question, a shell-shocked Helwani did his best to calm things down but ultimately had to call an end to things when Miller left the studio. He then took a short break and returned where he explained the fighter’s actions “were interesting, and also a little bit frightening, and a little bit sad.”

Miller – or even character “Lucky” Patrick for that matter – have yet to publicly respond regarding the situation. He is expected to face a judge next month to address his legal situation in California where he could face up to a year in jail if convicted.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I think it was just PR for the movie, especially since he’s changed his twitter acct over to ‘Patrick’s.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt that it was simply a publicity stunt, in which we see an awkward exchange between Ariel and a fighter trying to be an actor who fails to be even mildly amusing. I mean, that’s the best case scenario after watching that mess.

    But with Miller’s track record of odd/sad behavior, it’s tough for me to view that as just a stunt. He seemed pretty heavily intoxicated and from my point of view was bouncing between trying to *act* funny while not actually losing it.

    I’d hoped the church incident would be his rock bottom, but between his complete lack of remorse and ongoing antics he still seems pretty unstable. Not trying to pile on a guy while he’s down; I just think he needs genuine help.

  • Lord Faust says:

    The only thing that surprises me about Mayhem is the notion that anyone thought he had charisma…. Ever.

    Yes, the bar for charismatic MMA guys is set pretty low; this is a world where Rampage calling another guy “titties” is considered witty. Still, Mayhem has never impressed me with his verbal skills. He certainly hasn’t impressed anyone with his fighting skills in something like half-a-decade.

    This is a guy who’s most recently claim to fame is a show where he out-muscled a bunch of high schoolers. You would have to try really hard to come off looking bad on your own show.

    After three dismal efforts in the octagon, I wish the world would just let this guy fade away. He might crave attention, but he’s done precious little to deserve any of it, and has built himself a good reputation for not living up to any hype surrounding him whatsoever.

    This whole schtick is either 1 – evidence of severe mental instability (not the “ha ha” funny kind), or 2 – further reason to let this immature man-child fade from public memory.

    Either way, he strikes me as being just like that guy everyone knows from high school. The guy who, 10 years later, still tells the same stories they told in high school and wonder why no one wants to be around them.

    Get help or get lost. Either way, get outta my newsfeed Mayhem.

  • Dufresne says:

    If he intended to do the interview in character he should have had the decency to warn Helwani beforehand. And even if he was supposed to be in character, I thought Here Comes the Boom was PG-13. Why was he dropping f-bombs and racial slurs?

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    It’s actually rated PG (making your comment even more relevant in terms of his antics).

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Don’t care much about this clown and if possible care less for what looks to be a terrible, terrible movie.

    Sad that to plug a movie he has to make racial slurs. Sooner he goes away the better.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i dont think this is as serious as it seems, think it was just Mayhem being a dick in this alter ego.
    a friend of mine once interviewed Kool Keith and he would only talk to us as his alter ego from his new album (i think it was during the Black Elvis stage), strange interview but i was loaded and found the awkwardness funny.
    also Helwani IS a whore, no problem there. is he Jewish? dont know dont care

    i still have time for Mayhem, just a shame he wasted his best years in no mans land

  • Rece Rock says:

    Mayhem could fight in a number of promotions if he wanted to…

    I think this was just a shitty comical schtick that mayhem couldn’t back out of because that was his intention…. he got what he wanted- headlines on every mma news website.

    I think we totally overestimate his mental health illness… I think he’s doing pretty good if he can get on an airplane and fly across the country, check into a hotel, show up to an interview… doesn’t sound like a real nut jub could handle all that scheduling.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yeah, just a joke on his part that back fired by not being very funny.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    This is the same guy who’s been arrested for (admittedly) kicking down the door of his girlfriend’s apartment … arrested for an altercation with his own sister … arrested for trashing a church and removing all of his clothing … publicly commented about how Dana White should kill himself.

    When is this guy in control and when does he lose it? At what point does the schtick cross over to something else? When the cuffs come out?

    So yeah, when viewed an isolated event I agree the little tirade on Helwani’s show should be dismissed as a failed attempt at funny antics. But if taken in context with everything else, I find it increasingly difficult to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt with this stuff.

  • MCM says:

    But you have to look at things individually and not as a “whole”. Otherwise you wind up with a generalization that distors the real picture.
    Kicking down a girlfriends door is not all that uncommon, sad but true, and good people make poor decisions all the time. And the altercation with his sister was him holding her down to prevent her from driving home drunk, something most people would praise. As for saying Dana should kill himself, well, lots of people have said that. I can think of at least two UFC HOF’s off the top of my head that have called for Dana’s demise at one time or another. Yes the Church thing was weird and yes, this interview was weird but the interview can be chalked up to a publicity stunt for his movie.

    Mayhem may not be actively fighting, but he still holds down several other jobs that require a large deal of professionalism and (for lack of a better word) sanity, Actor, TV Host, and Instructor. I don’t think he could hold down any of those if he was half as far gone as people are thinking he is.

    I’d still like to find out what the church thing was about, ’cause to me that’s the only indicator of something being mentally off.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m “generalizing” the actions of one individual man.
    If you try to view each occurence as an isolated incident, it’s much easier to rationalize and give the benefit of the doubt. That’s what I did with Mayhem for a long time.

    I thought it was a bummer when he was getting hassled/arrested for confronting his cheating girlfriend and the dude she was with.

    And I again felt bad for the guy being hassled for trying to help his sister by preventing her from driving drunk. Boy were those cops dumb to fail to recognize that Mayhem was playing the role of protector and simply trying to keep his sister–and everyone else on the streets–safe.

    But then when he went completely batshit crazy and trashed a church, running around buckass naked, sticking around at the scene chilling on a couch (in a completely coherent state, as noted in the police report)… well, maybe there’s a bigger problem. Maybe some of his previous actions were less a matter of bad luck and more legitimate warning signs of unstable behavior.

    Whatever the case, the guy has racked up multiple arrests, has torched the bridge to the best professional opportunity he had, and for a quite a while now has only garnered headlines for the stupid sh*t he’s done. I’m not suggesting Mayhem is a horrible person or menace to society, but I do believe his pattern of behavior suggests he’s in need of some form of help. But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, This is way more attention than Mayhem deserved and on that point Faust nailed it earlier…

    This whole schtick is either 1 – evidence of severe mental instability (not the “ha ha” funny kind), or 2 – further reason to let this immature man-child fade from public memory.


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