For the second straight week one of the favorites to win the Ultimate Fighter 16 took to the Octagon with hopes of faring better than Bellator veteran Sam Alvey did on the previous episode. This time around it was Bristol Marunde’s turn, a fighter many fans may remember from his March meeting with former Strikeforce chmpion Ronaldo Souza.

Marunde’s selection was made by opponent Julian Lane after coach Roy Nelson allowed his team to draw straws as a means of eliminating the anxiety of making match-ups himself. The choice would prove to be a bad one in the end with Marunde earning a tough decision win, overcoming a trio of cuts on his face from a knee in the opening round to control things throughout the bulk of the bout while doing damage in the clinch and landing some stiff leg kicks from outside.

After the bout, Nelson’s much-advertised feud with UFC President Dana White made an appearance when “Big Country” complained about the Nevada Athletic Commission’s competence. Nelson’s point of contention came as the result of a few of his fighters telling him the NAC official in charge of the weigh-ins hadn’t done his due diligence by giving Marunde a green-light without actually checking the scale. However, Nelson was never shown raising the issue when it occurred, a point White was quick to make as well before telling Nelson to drop it.

Also worth mentioning, Lane was shown in an extremely emotional state in the locker room after his loss, fighting tears back while admitting he felt he’d let his family down and was flat broke. From the preview for next week’s episode, it appears the stumble hit him extremely hard as he was shown challenging cast-mate Matt Secor to a brawl inside the Ultimate Fighter house.