UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald has received praise along with upcoming opponent B.J. Penn for their willingness to undergo additional drug testing before the two meet in the Octagon this December at UFC on FOX 5. However, fans shouldn’t confuse the 23-year old’s actions as indicating concern about the possibility of Penn using performance enhancing drugs to gain an unfair advantage. In fact, MacDonald isn’t worried at all when it comes to opponents using any sort of substance, legal or otherwise.

“I would fight anybody who’s on testosterone or whatever. It does not bother me at all. Everybody’s looking for an edge in athletics, and if people would just realize the biggest edge is (mental), they could show their best side. That’s all I need,” explained MacDonald in an interview with MMAFighting. “Yeah protein helps, but at the end of the day if you’re a fighter and ready to fight at this very second, it’s all (in your head). And if you feel you need testosterone to make you better, you’re not going to be as good.”

“I really don’t think in such a high skill level sport, that strength is going to be the biggest issue,” he continued. “If you rely on strength in the sport, you’re going to be weeded out. There’s going to be someone that’s more technical than you or stronger than you. So in this sport I really feel it’s better to have more skills than strength. If you can have both, great. But you don’t need to do that stuff. It’s unhealthy, it’s stupid.”

With MacDonald’s success thus far in a still-blossoming career it’s hard to dispute his confidence. “Ares” holds an overall record of 13-1 with three wins since a late TKO loss to Carlos Condit in a bout he would have likely won had it lasted seven more seconds and gone to decision.