UFC heavyweight Pat Barry wasn’t scheduled for action this past Friday night but it turns out he still saw some as a member of the audience at UFC on FX 5. During the flyweight fight between John Dodson-Jussier Formiga, a person in the crowd started booing what he perceived to be a boring bout. However, rather than simply voice his disapproval, the individual took it a step further by standing up, irritating other fans in attendance including Barry.

While Barry was ready to let things go, the angry fan made the mistake of labeling Dodson as a “pussy” and the term turned out to be a breaking point for Barry who took it upon himself to address the matter.

Barry mentioned the incident on Twitter during the show but has since gone online to offer a more-detailed account of the situation.

“People boo during fights. That’s just gonna happen. People start booing all the time…people yell out all types of absurd things like Kimura-Platas and Armbar Rear-Naked Ankleholds…just dumb sh*t that they don’t even know what they’re talking about. It’s no problem. It happens all the time. It’s gonna happen forever. Hence why we call them roaches, because there’s more of them than us, they’re never gonna go away, and they’re just feeble little creatures,” explained Barry in a video blog. “What struck my nerve was that that’s the kind of people that are walking around in the world that just react and say and do sh*t with no reason whatsoever.”

The 33-year old striker said he stood up, turned around, and asked the fan – who he labeled as being 6’6” and 300 pounds – why he was acting out to that extent but got no answer. In fact, the involved party was so embarrassed he apparently ducked down in his seat and pulled his hat down over his face. Later in the evening, the same man confronted Barry in the bathroom and revealed he had been going through tough times.

The explanation didn’t sit well with Barry who replied, “I was like, ‘That don’t have nothing to do with anything you said just now. I’m sure you had some really sad sh*t that happened in your life. But that don’t have nothing the f*ck to do with what happened just now. You’re booing, being obnoxious, around a bunch of people who are trying to enjoy a fight….you’re screaming out pussy, which is just ridiculous to call a fighter that. And now you’re saying it’s because you had a rough week?’”

Barry went on to tell the man he should go home and tell his kids they were stupid for thirty minutes to deal with future frustration instead, hoping the fan would make the connection about how equally ignorant his actions had been. Unfortunately, his comment failed to make an impact, and the two went on their respective ways.

The full vlog from Barry can be seen below: